Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Missing photos..

I was taking a few pictures using my digital camera and I came accross a flash card that had some old pictures in it from a dinner party we had at our place. Canberra might be crappy, but it was never crappy when we had people over fro dinner.

Richardson back in the day when he passed out at 6h30PM. In here we are wrapping him in newspaper (for propper insulation of course!)

Antti and Kia re-enacting fight club.

When I get drunk I like to play around with my cameras and do stupid shit with it. For the most times they end up being blurry nonsense, but some of them are okay.

1 comment:

Kia said...

Wow, you got me and Antti just before we almost broke the aquarium!

You're fast!