Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Karneval! (Sunday)

Hello there! Couldn't help but notice that the number of posts in this blog tends to come in short burst of activity. Given that Karneval/Carnaval/Mardi Gras just happened around these parts, please take notice of the inequivocal evidence that all Germans are insane!!

Kiri came over to Bonn and our Karneval fueled day started like this (snow flakes the size of your head)

We went to a Karneval parade in Endenich (don't ask) and we saw plenty of old people dressed as clowns.

more clowns...

The origin of Karneval in these parts is a bit different from the rest of the world. See the geeks in uniform? These particular garments are a testimony of the Prussian ocupation of the 18th Century. This ocupation reputedly stopped the French from expanding their borders to this side of the Rhein. So they celebrate this with Karneval... weird!

A view of the main street

The KGB was present and they made sure they controlled all public display of lovin'!

The Karneval parade thing was these guys idea. At the right of Kiri are Marie (lady Beattle) and Christian the Pirate, my friendly neighbours.

A fuller view of the street.

bla bla

The KGB looking attentively at the guys in the truck offering candy to the people in the street
Mexicans in Bonn?!

Kiri thinking that she has a sudden urge of voting in George W. even if he is not running for president. (it's the hat people)

And the day ends with no traces of snow and with a blazing sun. I guess it is a karneval thing.

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Kia said...

Nice with some blog action.

There is absolutely no carnaval in Sweden... I didn't know they had it in Germany until a girl here, that is form Germany, told me about it.
And now I have seen pictures of proof too!
I still believe the brasilian carnaval must be the best though.. I hope I get to experience it my self soon.