Sunday, July 13, 2008

Real Sociability, or why isn't Moi, un Noir?

Hommage a la BRAIN. We will not explain the thought by the chemical structure of a neurotransmitter. I am now a neuroscientist. A thought can not be assembled by a group of neurons. Je suis Eddie Constantine, agent secret american in a quest to find the missing neurotransmitter.

I have found it but the waiter removed the brain map from the table. That was a work of the 35000 neuroscientists that attend the SFN meeting, in Washington (DC). Now we all have data but no theory, is this SCIENCE or MARKET RESEARCH? We will vote and encounter the absolute truth. I have to deliver the suitcase to the CIA, they have no intelligence (without the suitcase). I am Eddie Constantine. Greetings.

1 comment:

Kiri said...

very opaque... ;)
you going to sfn this year?
I am!