Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hey!! As some of you know I went to Vancouver for a conference and then stayed there for a short vacation. It was good fun, and I had as much seafood and sushi as I could fit in my expansive stomach (not much of either in Germany). I submit a few pics for your enjoyment.

Some rock art in between English Bay and Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver

Inês, the friend with whom I stayed with (left) and Diane one of her colleagues from UBC at the summit of the Grouse Mountain.

Me at a dinner party at Inês' place (where I cooked Moamba, the Angolan chicken dish with palm oil)

The view to Stanley Park from the English Bay

Downtown Vancouver as seen from Stanley park

View of North Vancouver and some Islands from Jericho Beach

We did one day hike up the Chief near Squamish (in between Vancouver and Whistler). This is the view from peak 3.

On one evening myself, Inês and a friends of hers, Caroline, went to the folk music festival of Vancouver, and saw (outside of the Festival fence) Michael Franti and Spearhead

Our party of 4 (+Jesus the Spanish guy behind the camera). From left to right, Arash (Iran), me, Filipa and Inês (both from Portugal).


Kia said...

Nice pictures!

Seems like you're having a great time.


Narigas said...

eu tentei dar um zoom nas fotos mas nao achei bigode nas minas... c tem certeza q sao purtuguesas?

Raul said...

Sim tenho a certeza que são de facto Portuguesas. Se calhar, você vai ter que actualizar as suas expectativas das mulheres Portuguesas.