Monday, January 14, 2008


Hey!! Greetings from Northern Westphalia! Sorry for my delay in not posting any pics lately on the blog, but I have been tied up in adjusting to work around here after stopping for so long after I left Canberra. The following pics are from a trip myself and Kiri took to Köln just after the new years.

Enjoy and happy new year,


The biggest and meanest Cathedral I have ever seen! You leave the Central Station in Cologne and you have this huge massive ugly beast looking down at you and giving you a big "fuck you". The Köln Dom is from the 13th Century and it took around 800 years to be fully built. Up until the mid 19th century it was the worlds tallest building.

The Dom is a fat little bugger...

Typical medieval narrow streets in downtown Köln.

You can almost imagine the people in the middle ages walking these narrow streets and and looking up at the Munster and it gave them the creeps.

Couchman in da Haus! (Kiri in all her green bag splendour)

Another huge church, this one I believe it is called St Martins Church, and it is still f****g massive!

Kiri with the waterfront area by the Rhein river as a backdrop.


Narigas said...

Raul... finally you assumed your portugueosity and decided to join the catholic church! Well done.

Raul said...

Pffff!!! I am more atheist than you! No, but I think that symbols of an oppressive rule should also be preserved so we don't forget the errors of our past. Besides, it is a fucking huge black thing in the middle of the city! You have to see it to believe it. It gave me the creeps!