Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More from Bonn and Köln....

Here is Raúl, ruler of all he surveys (the part of the Rhine that runs through Bonn at least)

And doing foolish things with a cannon, I don't think it's loaded at least

And here is his marvelous palace, where he works (2nd floor, window just to the right of centre)
Nice view from there to the city :)

We snuck into the Münster in Bonn, it really has a strangely ancient feel to it, unexpectedly peaceful too, despite being in the middle of the city

As we left, we witnessed a miracle: blessed Jesus ducks who could walk upon the surface of the water- jealous Antti?

And to Köln, and the wonderfully interesting streets down by the river, a nice change from the totally commercial and modern centre of the city (no pictures of that part, just imagine a city)

Full of wonderfully imposing churches, nothing like striking the fear of God into the hearts of mere peasants.

And finally the riverfront at Köln, strikingly similar to Bonn, but with extra people. Not surprising given it's the same river and all I suppose. So, if you would like to see more, come visit Raúl in Bonn and take a day trip to Köln, he's got a sofa bed arriving this week just for visitors!

Hope the new year is treating you all well, and I miss you all!

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Kia said...

Very impressed by the Jesus ducks!