Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Winter in Stockholm

Winter finally came around easter. Lovely white powdery snow...

...So we just had to go outside and make a snowman!

Richard working hard...

... and here is the final product! A very happy snowman!

Of course Richard had to run inside to get his s8 camera to fill the whole thing too!


Raul said...

heheh! We also had a White Easter here in Bonn, although it mostly melted when it touched the ground, but still, it was my first!

Mika said...

Hi! Funny how for a split second you could actually feel the whole scene. Air, snow, light, smell - the whole lot! Thanks for posting these!

All the best; Mika & Selma

Kiri said...

aww, isn't he cute!
Also had a white easter in Munich, though it's all gone now- 25 degrees yesterday, talk about schizophrenic weather!

Kia said...

Well, hey, thanks for taking an interest!

Btw, can you spot globen - the big "snowball" in the back?
I thought it was extra amusing to build a snowman at this particular spot.