Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Köln and Bonn

Another pic of the Dom in Cologne. It is so big I cannot fit it with the lens.

A view of one of the many tour barges that make trips along the Rhein river. In the background you have part of what is called the Sindenberger (a chain of "mountains"), which is part of the Rhein valley world heritage site.

The Drachenfells (Dragon rock), which served as inspiration to Wagner for his Opera the ring of the Nibelungs.

A better view of the Drachenfells and the town at it's base, Königswinter. There are tours of dutch people coming here all the time, because this is the highest spot closest to the Netherlands.

Composite of the St Martins Cathedral in Cologne. I showed this before, but it was a grey day before and this one was taken on a sunny day.

Sorry I have been so absent from the blog, but I have been finishing some paper corrections and a research proposal. I have quite a lot of pics from mine and Kiri's trip to Stockholm which I will include later. Until then please enjoy some of the views from the Rhein river in Bonn and of Köln.



Kia said...

That last photo looks like from a fairytale or something. How can the church look so huge compared to the colorful houses?!
Architectural masterpiece!

So, what grand buildings do you have in mind for our visit in may?

Raul said...

Heaps of cool buildings in this area. I am hoping to do a bike ride by the Rhein if the weather permits. It is quite cool and beautiful around here, especially if the weather is nice.