Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hey Raul, what's up with the weather forecast for the weekend in Bonn?
How are we going to do bbq's if it's going to rain all weekend.....

It's back to freezing spring here, so I was really looking forward to going south at bit.

Well, I'm sure it will be great anyway!

See you soooon!

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Raul said...

After 3 weeks of sun and temperatures in their mid 20's, it started pissing down rain today. I had bbq planned in my balcony. I was planning to do a picnic in the Rhein, do a boat trip down the river to some Medieval villages. Bloody weather! Lots of rain today, less tomorrow, more on Saturday. Hopefully fine on Sunday and Monday. But the T will be in the low 20's to mid 10's so not shorts, flip flops and Tshirt weather like in the last couple fo weeks. Sorry :-(