Monday, June 9, 2008

Visiting Raul in Bonn!

Bonn, Cologne - Gemany
16-19 MayRaul is standing in front of his office - SERIOUSLY he works in a castle!

Vacation in the sun.

Raul & Richard waiting....

For German beer!

Miniature bbq at Raul's balcony supervised by Kiri. Tasted delicious later!

Kiri came for the weekend from Munich.

Touristing in Bonn!

Love art on the wall they have there....

At outdoor bars the beer comes in glasses where you pay extra for the glass that you get back when you return the glass. Also works like this at concerts, so no broken glass or messy scenery when everyone want the 2 euros back. Smart!

We climbed the long stairs up the Koln Dome!

Cool view!

Beautiful church!

Like in the set of Lord of the Rings!

And here the hobbits live in happy colorful houses!

Meat on a stick - in a different way!

Me and Ri also went to a German industrial rock concert - you might remember his favorite band Einsturtsenden Neubauten (I have no idea how to spell that) - anyway, the concert was AWESOME! One of the best both of us have ever seen.

To summarize: We had a great time! Thanks Raul and Kiri!!


Kiri said...

Thanks for the photos, I had a really great weekend! Try not to have too much fun in Midsummer though or I'll get really jealous. Oooohh, but now I have a new apartment people could theoretically sleep somewhere, so you might be able to come visit! Though it might be a squeeze! Not all of us have massive apartments like Raul or nice new houses ;)
Liebe Grüße!!!

Kia said...

Congratulations to the new apartment! I'm so glad you found something. It sounded like you had quite crappy living arrangements before.

Do you have a living room now? Or is it still German style houses?

Well, if we have to much fun on midsummer you can think of it as practice for yet another midsummers eve that you can be here for too!

Kram (hug in swedish),

Kiri said...

yup, it's a german style house - so it has no living room, but what they call a 'wohnkuchen' or living-kitchen which just means you can jam a table and chairs in - but mine is quite big and it has a balcony, it's also in a really awesome alternative studenty part of town. Moving in thursday and massively looking forward to it!
Have fun at midsummer ;)
Liebe Grüße (can't really translate that one, just a nice goodbye ;) )