Thursday, August 30, 2007


Hey Kiri, how about you be the first person to post a picture of your new house on the blog? I want to see proof of your new existence.
(and seriously, the hallways are completely dead, the fishing rod battle was a very unusual event). ;-)

And Bjorn and Wiebke - hello?! Where is your contribution? I'd loooove to see a picture of you guys. It's been sooo long... well, a year 'only' but still.

Take care,


Kiri said...

Ok I will, just waiting for one final piece of furniture for my room then I'll post a heap of pics!
:) Missing you guys!

Kia said...

Take one from the outside too please, I want to know what the house looks like.
Btw, gossip queen, do you know that Antonella broke her finger - in three places!! - from dancing salsa!!!!
She didn't have a very good partner, so he didn't let go when he spun her around really fast... aoch!

Poor thing!