Thursday, April 10, 2008

Filming in Sweeeeeden!

Fatso and the Director

Eric the Red, the Director and Fatso

The Director aka Le Artiste!

Me and Eric the Red on an icy background

Kiri sound assistant and the Artiste

Kiri Freckling her way through the sound

Sadly my only photo of Kia, who managed to avoid the lens of at least 3 different cameras. the dashing gentleman standing up is Ove Kia's dad!

Fatso doing the javelin

Hey!!!!!! After a very long delay, here are some of the pictures from Sweden. These are from the filming of Sacrifice in Sandviken where Kia's parents live. Eric the Red is an aspiring Swedish filmaker who is collaborating with Richardson these days. All of these photos were taken by Joaquim, Kia's brother. (I corrected Kia's father's name from "Uve" to "Ove" following a remark by Kia - Sorry for the mispelling Kia!!)


Narigas said...

film is going really good.finished cutting and now i'll send it to norway for scanning. can u believe i don't have any stills...

Kia said...

Hey, you're no fatso!

Thanks for putting up the photos. Many nice memories.
And it's Ove (not Uve eventhough it looks cool with a UV-light dad...)