Monday, April 14, 2008

Stockholm - The City

Gamla Stan - the old town
Kiri with sundown in gamla stan as a backdrop

Sunset over on of the bridges coming from the Royal Palace (on the left)
One of the many boats moored along the warf area in downtown Stockholm

The Vasa ship in the Museum with the same name.

Agneta and Uve's house in Sanviken (Kia's parents). We had snow!!! Kiri is on the left hand side of the photo.

The narrow streets of Gamla Stan

Kiri in Stockholm

More boats and more cool turn of the century buildings behind them. Much nicer when it is sunny, trust me!

One of the many marinas in Stockholm. I kind of also want a house boat now! they look sooo cool!


Kiri said...

geez, is this a stockholm slide-show or a spot-the-kiri game? ;) I don't know when you managed to get all those photos of me!

Kia said...

Brrr... it looks so cold, you really managed to snap that too.