Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn in Muenchen

Hey everyone,

Well now I've had a chance to get into the city in the last few weekends, I've been relaxing in the gigantic English garden in the centre of the city. It's quite huge, with a regular drum circle sending beats out across the park, and the occasional jazz band starting up. But mostly it's just nice to sit in the sun and watch people go by - mostly playing football or frisbee, but lot like me just lying in the grass watching the world go by.
Here my two flatmates Diana and Jonny are kind enough to illustrate the concept...

And now some random photos from around Muenchen, including Stacchus, the Main LMU building, random train bridges and other buildings ;) Enjoy!

And this week marks the beginning of Oktoberfest (noone knows why it isn't called Septemberfest but anyway) and I shall have the arduous duty of attending with my lab one of the massive tents at the Wies'n on my birthday on wednesday. Sucks to be me, really.
Miss you all though, and keep the posting up, I shall try my hardest :) Though it may take me some time to recover from the minimum 1L size beers on offer.
Love from Muenchen,

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