Friday, September 14, 2007

Capital Punishment III - or why Sweden never gets the nobel prize...

Well, I know I complained a lot about Canberra, and with all the respect, that place is a craphole. But, the John Curtin and the ANU were a fantastic environment. I had total freedom to run my work over there and be a productive scientist. But here, in Sweden...:

* Scientists are very, very underpaid;
* Post-doc is just a fancy name for an extended PhD, they don't even pay you a salary, they pay you a scholarship!!!
* I felt a general lack of motivation;
* One always has to leak the asses of the 'superiors';
* Too little resources;
* Grants seem to hard to get;
* A lot, I mean: A LOT of stupid bureaucracy;

The first sentence a secretary here told me (with an awful swedish accent):

'that's a strange name you have...'

I know that since I was 3...

AND After seeing Raul's pics of beer in Munich...

What can I say...

1. I cannot afford to go out here... so no beer drinking in pubs;
2. I cannot buy beer here... because when I get home the System Bolaget (the 1984-tyoe of citizen control tool used to disallow beer drinking and increase the rate of suicide... I believe that improves the accounts of the superannuation system...) is closed;


After some days of anger... I thought a bit and yesterday I was seeing this whole stockholm story as a burden and today I am seeing it as a challenge.


Raul said...

what about posting some pictures of that "horrible" city so we can judge for ourselves? ;)

(vem ca para Munique na segunda metade de Outubro e vem beber toda a cerveja que quiser - 20 litros de boa cerva = 10 euros\17$AUD)

Narigas said...

the city is cool, just the research environment that is crap.