Friday, September 28, 2007

Stockholm - not that bad at all!

Hey guys!
Finally Broadband in the house!!! And finally I can give my side of the story over here instead of the whining from one famous Brazilian filmmaker... ;-)

Enjoying sunny autumn weather by the water.

Then we took a picture of Ri's favorite building - the Swedish royal castel! ;-)

This is the view from our balcony. We live in an old are called Johanneshov, just outside the south area of Stockholm (less than 10 min by subway into central Sthlm). Anyway, just wanted to illustrate the sixties 'compact living concept' or whatever you might call these square buildings.

To the right we have a view of the concert/sports arena Globen - an icon of Sthlm.

And in the night they highlight it in different colors depending on what hockey game is playing, or whatever the event is... guess what was on this night? Ladies night! hahaha.
I wonder what Gwen Stefani gets next week when she plays there?

Then we have our small living room, but with a big sofa bed especially for you guys ;-)

The sixties kitchen is my favorite, it's some how just cosy with an old style kitchen...

Ok that's it for now, I'll be back with pics from our housewarming party and the visit to Skansen where they have only Swedish animals (wolf, bear, reindeer and so on)...

Hej då!


Kiri said...


Really not bad at all! Nice view for sure, my kitchen is also the compact, cosy kind - not too bad for a flat hangout ;)
The weather there looks much nicer than here - though we have the wies'n to compensate ;)
Anyway, should probably do some work today!

Kia said...

Happy birthday by the way!!

And I'm glad Raul taught you to drink beer so you can appreciate October (September) fest!

Raul said...

Hey nice flat! Like your couch! ;) I will post some pics of Lisbon whenever I can, I just haven't had the time because I am at Uni Lisbon working on my Aussie papers. Strange... :s ;)

Mika said...


All the best from Canberra too! Oh, how your apartment brings back the memories from good old scandinavian living style;) Hope that you are set good for the winter!

Best wishes for both of you!

Mika and Selma

Elisabet said...

nice view and nice photos of the view!

Kia said...

Wow, great to have you guys (Mika & Selma) on the blog too!