Thursday, September 6, 2007

Raul does Muenchen

Sorry for the delay, but truly today was the only day I had to take pictures. Regrettably because I as alone during the day there's only pictures of the city and not me. Bonn was really pretty, especially along the Rhine river, but I forgot my camera in Munich.

The something-something-sen building next to the town hall

The town hall (in disguise because of the absurd amount of American tourists)

The two towers - Orthanc and Bara Dur. They say Sauron and Sauman converse often from one tower to another. I must have missed it.

The interior of the Church of Lots of Beer drinking.

The "Devil's footprint" inside the Church of Lots of Beer drinking. It is said that the devil got so pissed in munich that he left his footprint when he got in to the church by mistake and made a hole in the floor.

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Kia said...

hahaha - your comments to the photos are the best!!