Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's alive!!! It's Alive!!!!


Today has been a good week! We managed to resurect the two furnaces we have here in the lab from the dead! When I got here, they had 2 hight temperature furnaces sitting there which did not work. Not so anymore! Thanks to the skills of doctor Frankenstein here, and his lovely assistants (actually they did mot of the work) managed to bring them back to life after a year or so of them gathering dust! This means I might be able to start running experiments after the new years!! Yay!!! And the cool thing is that in here you can get diploma students to run the experiments for you! Double yay!!!

Hugs and merry Christmas to everybody!


Myself, Vera (left - PhD student) and Julia (right - Diploma student) pretending to be operating the furnace.

After a long while (e.g. a year), the furnace finally fires up to 1300ºC!!!

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