Saturday, December 8, 2007


Survivor Canberra is also culture!

Today we will start the Survivor Canberra-pedia... And Today's topic:

Marie Curie: Born in France in 1885, she was a daughter of a prostitute and a soldier. The harsh life of suburban Marseilles made her tough. In the streets, she made her living singing in the streets together to Edith Piaf. With the advent of radio, Marie was hired as a sound effect technician. Knowing almost how every sounds on the street (as the street was her home for many years), Marie Curie was a great asset to the Radio Nacionele de France. Her daily show 'The paw of the Dragon' was a great success in the 1930's. It featured the story of an american ninja that go to Japan to fight a Karate competition, but he get in trouble with the Yakuza for not allowing one of their pupils to win the championship. Until today, the same techniques she used for producing the sounds of a ninja fight in the radio are used in Bruce Lee and Charlie Chan and Charlie Chaplin. She invented the genre 'Radio-action' and patented it. That was the moment her life turns. She sued the American military to use her term (radioaction), that was only created for fictional and peaceful proportion when they (the military) justified the genocide they commit in Japan. She won the case and dedicated most of her fortune to Libertarian causes.

One of the recipients of the Marie Curie money was the Founder of the MLS (Movement for the
Liberation of Sweden from the monarchy and system bolaget), Omar Al Naves (pictured). However, the later ran away with the money and there are anecdotal evidences that he has used the funds in Alzheimer's disease Research.


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