Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mi casa es su casa!


Just some quick pics of my new flat here in Bonn. No furniture yet, so it is quite empty at the moment. I have just arrived here to start working, and good thing too because I am poor enough that I would have to consider prostituting myself to the highest bidder (which wouldn't be much). Hope everything is good with you guys and I hope to have to house ready for visitors sometime in late January to early February. Visitors hey! It means I need someone to visit. ;) Kiri is coming to give the flat "a woman's touch" in a couple of weeks so she will be the first visitor.



The bedroom. With my improvised single bed in the floor.

The kitchen which is quite cool and open to the....
Living room! It's quite spacious and I am getting a futon sofa/bed for visitors to enjoy.


Kia said...

Great place, look newish.
But so sad to see the little mattress on the floor... we did the same... isn't it sad when you have no one to take you in on the first night.
(well, in theory I had Taline but her sister was visiting the same day).

Anyway, we'll come and try out your place soon!

Raul said...

Hey!!! Well it's been renewed recently, the building is maybe 50 years old. Germans have very good construction guidelines. I am standing here in the kitchen writing this with the heating off and I am not cold! Geez! I love civilization!! ;)You guys are more than welcome to show up whenever you want. I will put up a "green flag" when I have at least a bed and a couch. That might take a couple of months, because my savings are basically done with and I will get paid only at the end of the month. Luckily the uni advanced a bit of money but still I am counting my pennies here! ;)

Kia said...

How close to work is it by the way?

Raul said...

About 5 minutes on foot. It's really close. I would prefer a bit farther away, but I like to place so much I don't really care. Tomorrow I will go to IKEA that amazing swedish institution to shop stuff!!