Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nach Freiburg

As promised here are some pics from Freiburg! Expect further contributions from P&J and Kiri as well.
It was really nice to see them, and Freiburg is a very picturesque medieval city next to the Black Forest. Laila for a change didn't cry at the sight of me and we actually got along pretty well. ;-)

Little Laila contemplating a styrofoam ball

Pinar, Johannes and Laila, our gracious hosts in downtown Freiburg.

The Christmans Markt near the City Council (Rathaus). It was completely packed full of people to the point we could barely walk. Yet we had plenty of yummy food (wurst anyone?) and gluwein.

Laila and J.J. Letzkus in action through the throng of people in the markt.

Germans like their Münsters big and very high! Hmmmmm...

The Black Forest!!
P&J's street. Really cool with enormous 19th Century houses on the hillside.
Another markt, this time next to the Münster

The ICE high speed trains that I have spent 15 hours in over the last few days. they are really the best way to travel through Germany, especially if you are lucky enough to go 1st class because it was cheaper that weekend! :P
JJ Letzkus and Laila posing for the photo.
Some nice houses in pastel tones in a small town next to Freiburg
View to Downtown Freiburg from the black forest. You can see the Münster from there... well it said so in the sign there, because apparently it wasn't obvious enough just from the view.
Kiri the Green papparazi! She likes trees, especially if they are green. The advantage of being a green papparazzi I am told, is that your famous tree doesn't move all that much :P

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Kia said...

Cute pictures!
Nice to see "everyone" again!