Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ciao ragazzi,

I hope you are all fine and enjoying Christmas holidays withyour beloved. Here in Sardinia it has been a 24-hours non-stop eating with family and friends, just like at Kioloa last year with some of you (still remember that with joy). I wanted to congratulate with Kia and Raul for getting the jobs and with Kiri for having her first paper published. Well done, Canberra survivors! All the ANU will be proud of you!
Life in Italy has been fine, apart that I have been hospitalized tohave surgery to my left hand a few weeks ago. Luckily all is fine now, the hand will be functioning well soon, according to the doctors (but when I see that idiot that broke my finger in Canberra I am going to chop his head off!!).
A trip to Venice before the operation and snow in my village after helped to cheer me up. And the great news is that I got a very good consultancy job in Laos for twoi months. So, in January and February I will be useful for society again, after 3 months of easy-cozy life in the Sardinian countryside. Just what I needed before heading back to exciting Canberra to finish my PhD. Paula and Marteen, please hang on there, do not leave!
Enjoy some pictures I took over the last few months.

I send you a big hug and wish you a fantastic 2008. May the New Year bring you all you wish.


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Kia said...

Great to hear how you are doing!
And so glad you finally had that operation.
Nice photos too, but I was surprised to see all that snow!!

Here everything is great. Still having Ri's mum, grandmother and aunt on visit, so I haven't had that much time for emailing, but i will soon post more and email more.