Friday, November 30, 2007

Nelson as the new liberal leader!?

Just a couple of things. Firstly?! Brendan Nelson as the new head of the Liberal Party!??!! Fuckin' awesome!! They couldn't have chosen someone more inept for the job! That's great news for Kevin O'Ruddo! Me and Kiri are going to spend this weekend at Johannes and Pinar's place and have a Ruddfest on behalf of you guys that are left in Canberra!
Secondly, myself, Kiri, Kia and Richardson are eagerly waiting for news of your life in Canberra and the US. Please post more often, even if just to complain about how shitty your day was. ;)
If I can get my camera to work we will post more of J&P and Laila early next week as well as pics of my new flat in Bonn and of the city itself!
Viva Rudd Zapatta!!

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