Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, I can now say that I have seen the most depressing city in the world. It was great! Absolutely loved it. We went for the weekend and subsisted almost entirely on the most fantastic doner kebap in the world. And partied all weekend, will have to go back and see some more scenery. ;)
On our way! My first trip on the Autobahn!
The Allianz Arena, famous from the world cup
Couple of friends modelling Berlin's beautiful underground, with lovely plastic seats with a design we hypothesised would clash with every piece of clothing not made of the same material.
If anyone saw the Bourne movies, AlexanderPlatz should be eerily familiar...
The world clock in the same square, tells you the time, even what it is in canberra.
No prizes for guessing what this is a part of ;)
Some of the local (ahem) colour ;)
One of us (Totte the Swede) demonstrating the weather - it was lovely.
Part of Berlin's massive central train station, the trains even come in through the roof.
The tree-lined street near where we were sleeping.
The million mile traffic jam - 5hrs to get there, 11hrs to get home, though that might also have had something to do with getting pulled over 3 times in less than 5 km so we could get searched by the cops.
And finally, something you don't see often, someone hanging their head out the window smoking on the autobahn. Only really possible in massive traffic jams - don't try this at home :)

All in all, a great time was had by all. Will be going back I think, it's a pretty awesome city, but in the meantime Raul will entertain me in M√ľnchen :)
Miss you all!

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Kia said...

Nice photos Kiri! I like you commentary.
You have to post more of the german graffiti too, next time you're in Berlin. The city is almost famous for it - so much apparently...

Take care!