Thursday, November 1, 2007

Clarifications are in order

Dear all,

I officially do not have the position yet. I still have not accept it officially due to the amazing world of German bureaucracy. I am going to send the signed offer back today. It still has to be approved by the University bureaucrats. To make a long story short, I do not have the job yet. I will have the job once I get my contract approved, and money on my bank account. I have just spend the last month in cues to take care of an infinite ammount of bureaucracies, and spend over 1200 euros in customs procedures and in the purchase of several documents which I really needed. I appreciate your enthusiasm though. ;-).




Kiri said...

Don't be such a dick. You have the job. They were freaking out you took too long to send the forms. YOU HAVE THE JOB.
Dag ;)

Raul said...

Fuck off! I just spend 700 euro today. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Kiri said...

Awww, love you too baby ;)

Kia said...

Hey Raul!
Congrats on 'the offer'then! Fantastic.

Hey everyone else too!
Just to clarify my situation: I'm totally without a job, riding the roller coaster of moods swings (extremely depressed to fuck-you-all attitude).
Have not earned a krona since I came back and I am still working my ass off applying to everything and trying my hardest to write grant applications.
Ri wants to move to everywhere else, instead of stay here, which makes me sad. Hopefully we don't have to move further then to Uppsala... I'm giving a talk there on friday (wish me luck!) to try to convince some nice group to take me on. I'd love to have a house in Uppsala that you all could come visit.
Miss you guys! But I don't miss Canberra. ;-)

Kiri said...


Raul said...

Hey Kia! Good luck! I hope me and Kiri can go and visit you soon, but it looks it's going to be early next year, I am broke and I am only getting paid towards the end of the year.

Go get them at Uppsala! Miss you guys too.