Sunday, November 25, 2007


After 11 long years, Australia has finally seen the light! Mr John Coward has been thrown out on his ass, including likely losing his own electoral seat. To an ex-journalist, Maxine McKew.

The lovely Maxine! My new personal hero.

A file photo, Coward vs Rudd ;)

And here's the dynamic duo; on the left, our first female deputy prime-minister Julia Gillard, and Mr Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia, and instigator of what the newspapers are calling the "Ruddslide". The government has so far lost miserably, their coalition of right-wing parties getting 58 seats, with Labor on it's own getting 83. Labor gained 28 new seats, with the liberals only taking two.

In case you care, he is a website you can check on the results from, but with only a few minor seats left to count it's well sorted ;)

Finally makes me proud to be an Australian, lets hope he lives up to the hype.


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Kia said...

Me and Ri was cheering when we watch BBC news this weekend too! Fantastic, finally some hope for the future. And Kevin Rudd was so cute in his speach - he looked so genuinely happy, like he knows how important he is for the future of Australia, cause there has to be a change.
I don't know how your, Kiri, personal favorite woman is though.
To exhausted to look it up now... I just made revisions on my last paper and it felt like rewriting my whole thesis.... I'm so fed up with that story now! Just hoooope they will accept it eventually.

Anyway, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy! ;-)