Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last pictures of Lisbon


Okay, I promise you that these will be my last pictures of Lisbon for a while. I might be sick and tired of being here (more from excess of red tape and being f****d in the ass by Portuguese customs and especially the f*****g Australian carrier - Pack and Send), but I do find this city really cool. Enjoy some views of our 12th Century S. Jorge Castle.

Turrets of S. Jorge Castle

A visigothic water fountain at sundown

Sundown at the castle

View of downtown Lisbon and the river as seen from the top of Castle Hill

Another view from the castle

A picture of me for Kia, with the statue of my nation's founder, D. Afonso Henriques (Henry I the conqueror).

The battlements of the Castle.

Another view of downtown Lisbon.

Sundown over the river Tagus.

My next pics will come from Germany!!!


Kia said...

Thanks for the picture including your self. :-)

Do you never get fall/winter in Lissabon?

Looks so summery!

Raul said...

Well, it´s unseasonably warm this year. Mid to high 20's, which is quite unusual. It's usually in the high 10's to low 20's and rainier. It has been really warm, and it compensation for me missing the Summer this year ;). COngrats on the job!!! I am happy someone saw your imense worth in your own country!