Thursday, November 8, 2007

First snow in my home town!

But first I have to write: I got the job in Uppsala!!! I've worked two days so far and I think I was very lucky to end up in this lab. :-)

Happy happy joy joy - as Lucy would have said!

Now for some photos:

Zirro, my mum, Ri, Igor and my dad enjoying the first snow back home. 10 cm of lovely white snow.

Then we took a walk to the lake and saw a wolf!

No... it was only Igor striking a pose.

Zirro instead enjoyed swimming after snowballs that we threw in the lake... and the stupid furball didn't get that the snow melted and turned crazy trying to find the 'ball'.

Last picture - a Swedish fridge..... if you look closely in the upper part of the picture.


Kiri said...

Aha! So there is beer in Sweden after all ;)
Congratulations about the job, that's really fantastic! What lab are you working in and what on? Come on, spill it! :)
And snow, gee it would be nice if it snowed here, it just rains and blows a hurricane. Though it is slightly sunny today - in patches.

Raul said...

Hmmm cold beer!!! Can´t wait to go there!!! ;)

Kia said...

I love my new lab!
It's totally not electrophys, everything is genetic markers... I have hardly a clue about how you knock things out, but the lovely thing is they want me to come do electropysiological recordings on all their grovy (well... ehe... sick...) mouse models.
Anyway, it brings my knowledge much closer to clinical implications, which was what I missed so much before... I mean, measure a current here and there doesn't relate to a disease that much, but in these mice it actually will.
I'm overexcitable today, but have very low LTP - in no nerd words, I really like the project but I'm overwhelmed with all the new stuff to learn.

Kiri said...

Hey, congrats!

Glad to hear you've found not only a job but something really cool ;)
I know what you mean about the currents, starting to wonder what the frick we're all doing this for. But oh well, only another 3 years or so ;)
Best of luck, really hope it goes well. Raul and I are thinking of coming up to stockholm in january sometime. Tickets are super cheap, even if the weather probably won't be the best. Let us know if you want us there ;)