Friday, November 9, 2007

I walk in LA!

Dear all. Great to see that everyone is doing well and congrats to Kia and Raul for jobs!

What happens here? The slogan for LA is visible on many taxis: "No one walks in LA". Which is exactly why I walk everywhere. I don't even own a bike, let alone a car. This city, which angels left a long time ago, contains some oddities like freeways that are mainly used for parking huge amounts of cars... The bushfires and bone-dry rivers kind of remind me of Australia, but lets be clear, if you think you had a "miserable existence" in Canberra, you ain't seen nothing yet! My main hobbies are not showing up to work on time, and not writing to my friends blog despite many invites...

The most exciting thing so far has been seeing the Finnish band Nightwish live at the House of Blues!! With their new Swedish singer they are now the best band in some universe. But don't take my word for it, check out their new album. You may also have heard the sad news from Finland - yet another pathetic youth demonstrated the destructive power of an unstable mind - where a school shooting claimed the lives of 6 students, the school nurse and the principal. Since the purpose of the shooter was to gain publicity for his 'revolution', let no more be said about him and his thoughts. ever.

Just last week I experienced an encounter with the world famous US cops. After helping a colleague with some fieldwork in Mexico, we were rolling out our sleeping bags for the night and gazing the stars. Just when we cracked the beers open, two police cars with search lights turned up demanding us to explain our existence... Despite the fact the we were not the burglars they were looking for, and our car was the wrong colour etc, they still searched through our stuff and car. They even thought that someone was hiding in my (empty) sleeping bag on the ground... after I kicked it in the air they finally gave up

Anyway, take care youz all. If you happen to drift in this direction, you'll probably find me cursing in the basement of UCLA Geology surrounded with the pieces of a blown up ex-mass spectrometer...

sorry no photos... who takes pictures of traffic jams anyway??


Kiri said...

Hey Zoltan!!!
Welcome to the blog. And don't worry, German police are just as stupid as American ones, we got pulled over 3 times in 5kms for having swedish number plates on the car - and they searched EVERYTHING.
Nice to hear you're bucking the trend and treading some pavement, all the best in your basement. And post a photo of the traffic jams - I did ;)
All the best,

Raul said...


Wilkomen mit zie blog! Ich putz deine haus nacht furdish. That's the extent of my German and poorly spelt too. Nice to see you finally stopped resisting and joined the blog! It's great to have you! The invitation is extended to you of course, if you happen to come our way, you're more than welcome to stay. German beers rule!!

Stay strong!


Kia said...

Hej Antti!
I got curious, have you walked on the stars yet? I mean, if you insist on walking, you have to put a muddy foot print on Tom Cruise for example.
Also, have you been to universal studios theme park? (I promise - it's fun!!!).
I'm overly excited about my new job in Uppsala so now I want everyone to be happy!

Btw, insane the thing in finland... but Tarja made a very nice speach to the nation afterwards.