Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Animals and party animals

A pretty moose!

With her calves.

And two silly monkeys...
And a bear!

A reindeer on summer camp, getting strong for chistmas present delivery.

Jocke (my brother) and his friend Martin.

Pratthana (my second cousin) and Taline (one of my best friends) at our small house warming.


Raul said...

man! Richards didn't seem to enjoy beer that much. what's the deal! ;)
Glad to see you guys are settling in!

Kia said...

Haha, that was the only photo were he didn't look or act retarded, so maybe not the nicest one. I just needed to show that he was there at least. ;-)

Mika said...

...or then he is a quick learner... Scandinavians just don't smile that much ;)

could'nt resist - Mika

Kia said...

Hahaha, who knows? Maybe he is fooling me... Actually his Swedish is now advancing quickly so the manners might be there too.