Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bonorva: Sunset from the kitchen window at my mom's place

With Paula and Kia on the last night in Canberra

The last night in Canberra

Ischia Island: at the site of "La Madonna di Zara", where the Virgin Mary is supposed to have appeared to three local chldren. My aunt told me I should go there to ask for a miracle for my finger...Obviously, it did not work!

Ischia island's Catholic fervor: local believer at the "Madonna di Zara" site. The Virgin Mary is supposed to have appeared in this forest...

Ischia island: crosses by the sea

Naples: city center with Vesuvius Volcano in the background

Naples: Piazza Mazzini by night

Pompei: Roman eroticism on a mural at the brothel. Clients could learn how to do it from the paintings...

Pompei: You won't believe it: this is the (fallic) sign to the brothel on the main road of Pompei. Among the romans, sex was seriously an open matter! If you follow the fallic arrow you will really find the place to please your senses straight away...So smart!

Naples: political graffiti in 2007: against every form of power

Pompei: Roman political writing in 100 B.C.

In Naples' old city with some friends from the conference

Subway in Naples: the 500, a Fiat car from 1960s, has become a legend in contemporary art


Kia said...

Hey Anto! Great photos!!! I downloaded the one of all of us in Canberra that last night.
And very funny comments you made to the photos, hahah, like that!
Also, I'm honestly surprised about the romans and their dicks on the road. Had no idea they did that.

The sunset over your mum's was gorgeous. I like the neighbors houses too, does you mum's house look similar?

Raul said...


Sorry for missing you at Johannes' party. I waited a bit but I had to go otherwise I would be dead during my trip. I don't sleep on planes and I needed those few hours sleep before my flight! I heard all about your finger, that was crap! Bad dancers should be avoided at all costs.
Nice pics, it makes me want to visit Sardignia at some stage.