Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Still on holidays ...

Dear All,

Great to hear that winter is coming up in Europa Spring arrived in Canberra. Kiri did you already put the skis on? Congrats on the job Raul, so this means we will see soon pictures of Bonn? Sorry took that long for posting again, but surviving is a full-time job without you guys, so we are trying to make the best out of it ... Richard by the way your bike is still in the same spot where you left it, amazing to believe.. but no one has tried to steal it. Kia any nice good-looking Swedish (girl or boy) that would like to come and enjoy the beautiful and fantastic city of canberra for a while to work in the lab?? Is so boring... (Maarten has included the "boy" i mean "girl")

Ok all, have fun

Maarten and Paula

Wombeyan caves, Blue mountains

Wenthworth Falls, Blue mountains

Champagne pools, Rotorua,
New Zealand

"Mt. Doom" for the
lord-of-the-ring fans
Whakapapa, N.Z.

Brother on top of some mountain,
Mt. Tongariro


Kiri said...

Nice photos guys! Geez it looks like you're doing ok without us :) You could pretend to be more depressed about it ;)
Off to Berlin this weekend, should be excitement! Will post pics if there's anything interesting I happen to walk past.

Raul said...

That's great guys! Miss you guys a lot, I wish you could come and party in Lisbon. But you have to worry, I am leaving next week ;)