Monday, October 15, 2007

More Lisbon!

Due to lack of pictures from our contributors in the US and Australia, I decided to play the tourist in Lisbon card once more and grace you with some additional photos of our fair city.



P.S.- Kaori I know you are in your Honeymoon and the like, but you could put some of the pics you had on facebook in the blog as well (?).

"Bica" Street elevator. It carries people from down there close to the river up the narrow and steep street that connects "uptown" to the riverside area.

Statue of D. João das Regras with S. Jorge Castle (of the 7th-8th Century) in the background.
The ruins of the Carmo convent. It's from the 13th century (I think) and was partially destroyed during the 1755 earthquake. It's considered tabu, apparently, to reconstruct ruins that mark a major event in Portuguese history, such as a catastrophic earthquake that destroyed most of the city and killed 1\3 of it's population.

The inside of the main Church area of the Carmo convent ruins (the roof colapsed during the ensuing fire).

Detail of the ruins

The usual dude with baby and sword routine looking very angelical (i.e. pedophile)

Portugal at it's best!

View of the downtown area from the top of the Sta. Justa Elevator.

View of Downtown - Mouraria (old town) - Castle area

View of the Sé de Lisboa, a former mosque of the 9th Century Mourish ocupation. When Lisbon was retaken by our first King (D. Afonso Henriques) in 1150ish, it was converted to a Christian Church.

Pedro V Plaza in the Rossio area (downtown) with the Maria II theater in the background.


Kia said...

Nice pictures again! Are you sure you are in the right profession? I can totally see you as a tour guide or a photographer for some explorer magazine.

Mario said...

Great photos of such a fantastic city. Lisbon is great.

Raul said...

Hey, I would include pictures of me but it's a bit hard considering that I am all alone in Lisbon and have nobody to take my picture.