Friday, October 19, 2007

It's colder in Boulder!


Things are going well (albeit colder) here in Boulder. The first ski resort opened up last week. Alex and I have gotten our season passes and hope to make it up to the mountains next weekend. I wanted to put up more photos, but our intermittent internet connection (ok, we're stealing wireless from the neighbours) isn't good enough for multiple photos. So I'll post more from a coffee shop later. But I'll leave you with
a couple to give you a laugh.

This is of a sign posted on the main road near our house.

This one is from the world's larges hotsprings in Glenwood Springs, CO (near Aspen). They had this huge sign with information about the hotsprings. Where are the UNITS? Alex was aghast.

More later!

P.S. Kiri, I had shmellows with your sister last night.


Raul said...

Heeeeyyy!!! finally, some pictures of Boulder!!! Welcome to posting heaven in Survivor Canberra.



Kiri said...

geez, i dunno
having schmallows with my sister without me? OUTRAGE!!!:)
glad to hear from you, you looked so fantastic in your wedding pics, shame I couldn't be there to get in on the sake action :)