Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hey everyone,

Well it's snowing in October! Started on Friday, and has been going rain/snow/rain/snow ever since. Mostly it's not hanging around for long, but today everything is dusted with white as the snow has been falling constantly since last night.

This might seem a little unexciting to most, but this is the very first time I"ve ever seen snow fall, so I'm terribly excited about it. The people in my lab were laughing at how excited I was all day on Friday - until I had to ride home in it of course, when it decided to turn the consistency of a sno-cone and i got soaked and frozen ;) Here are some pics:

Of the view out of my window, note snow on all the rooves - oki so it's just a little bit, but it's only October!

Taken whilst standing in my front garden, (in my new ski jacket) and I'm a little miffed you can't see all the snow falling, it's pretty regular, but at least you can see it on the plants ;)

And of course, the ubiquitous snowman - though ice-man might be more appropriate ;) This is the same table I sat at last weekend for a lazy sunday breakfast in the sun.

So whilst it may be colder in Boulder, it's snowing mucher in muenchen (you try and rhyme muenchen!) People have already been skiing up in the mountains for a couple of weeks :) Hopefully I'll be able to get up there sometime soon and learn to snowboard. Or ski. Or both, or whatever.

Bis Dann!


Kiri :)


Anonymous said...

Today I think is the first real day of summer here in The CAN! Topped 31C...yep I guess I have to find my shorts! Glad to hear it is snowing somewhere else though...Christmas is meant to be 'white'

Kia said...

Congratulations on your first falling snow Kiri!
Here - no snow yet... my parents had a bit snow/rain the other weekend but nothing in stockholm so far. Instead the leaves on the trees have turned golden so it almost looks like a fire! Orange, yellow and red! I have missed it so much so I'm sucking the visuals in as much as I can. Too bad I never remember to bring my camera. Was thinking to do an effort today but it was really cloudy and boring so I decided not too.
Maybe tomorrow....

Kia said...

ps... hahahahaha... the CAN!! You're so funny sparky. Btw, i think I'll email you that last photo I took after happy hour of us, it turned out really nice.

Kiri said...

Hey Sparky sparks!

Yup, the snow is cool, though i must say a nice DESERTED beach would be nice right about now. It's difficult to get used to having people absolutely everywhere all the time, ,suppose I'll have to get over it :)
Looking forward to Skyfire Stockholm style, post soon Kia!

Raul said...

You don't need to be in that hemisphere to have 30 C. Here in Lisbon we have had nothing but warm sunny days with the plus that here we can afford beer :P