Wednesday, October 3, 2007



At the request of several families, or better yet at the request of one of the members of a very large family, here are some pictures from Lisbon and the cat (who I have to take care because of my rent agreement).

Xu the cat, hunter of mice extraordinaire, who is looking suspiciously at my well manicured hand

Mary II theater in Downtown Rossio

View of the Carmo causeway (cal├žada do Carmo) from the Figueira Plaze (downtown)

General view of the downtown area in Plaza da Figueira where you can see top right of the fountain the Sta. Justa elevator that connects downtown and uptown (or you can stop being lazy and walk there, it's not that far!), and that was designed by Eiffel. At the right from that you can see the Carmo convent ruins. This convent was partially destroyed during the Great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

View up to the Chiado, a comercial area of uptown Lisbon. The "bridge" you see there is the causeway connecting the top of the elevator and uptown. The Chiado was completely destroyed during a huge fire in the 80's. It has since been all rebuilt according to the original plan and modernized slightly. It had H&M!!!! (Those two dudes got in the way of the photo....bastards!!!)


Kia said...

Aaaa, I want to go back to Lisboa now... such a beautiful town. What's the weather like now? Still summer? We just had frost this morning.... brrrr... but blue sky at least.

Raul said...

Hey! It's mid 20's and sunny for most of the time. I am walking around with shorts and T-shirt!!! ehehehhe ;)