Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still alive!

Ciao All, It is nice to hear that you are all doing well. Sorry for such a long silence since you and I left the Capital. A lot has happened...The first of the many events was the fracturing of my finger dancing salsa at Joannes' farewell party. Raul, I came to see you but you had already gone. So I thought I had to animate the party dancing salsa. I animated it so well that I broke my left ring finger! Hence I spent all night and the next morning at the emergency waiting for a bloody doctor to come and see me. Raul, sorry I could not even say goodbye to you by phone. I returned to Italy with a cast that did not keep my finger straight. As a consequence the finger is fucked and the option of having surgery seems to be the only possible way to fix it...So please guys, keep you fingers crossed for me as I cannot cross mine at the moment!Apart from that I am well and have been enjoying a lot being back home. Naples was fantastic, I had the best pizza ever. What a crazy city! Pompei and Ischia (an island off Naples) were great too!I will post some pictures of my trip to southern Italy asap on the blog. I have been back in Sardinia since a month. HOw nice to hug my mom and friends! And to see that my cat and dog had not forgotten me! They are both as fat as they were when I left them.Working and writing at home has been good so far. The quiet natural environmet helps a lot. No distractions at all in my small village in the middle of nowhere in Sardinia.I have enjoyed the pictures you posted on the blog. They are so cool!Kia and Rich your new house looks nice and cosy. The blu sofa is great!OK, ciao for now. I will be in touch soon.Huge hugsAnto


Kia said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you from me! I hope the rehabilitation will be enough.
Miss you!

Kiri said...

Definitely fingers crossed - I apologise on behalf of my country's overstretched emergency rooms and incompetent or overworked doctors :)
Fantastic pictures of your travels, I'll have to get down there, it's not so far. And the pizza is pretty good here in Muenchen too ;)
Good luck with the writing,