Monday, October 22, 2007


It's almost a month late. But here are a few photos from our wedding in the Rockies (Gold Hill, Colorado to be precise). Alex and I are currently stuck overnight in the Washington DC airport and I figured I'd better make use of the wireless here.

The wedding was great. We had such a fun time partying with everyone from 11am to midnight (even though neither one of us could get any sleep the night before). The most amazing part was seeing a room full of friends who had never met and were getting a chance to for the first time. We wish you could have all been there too, but hope you'll find Boulder on your way to someplace in the near future.

Love, K&A


Kia said...

Hey, niiiice photos! (but maybe you should leave the one out where Alex is already cheating on you with this other bloke...)
So, you really had a PINK room to get ready in! That must have put a lot of girly pressure on you... hihihi
No, seriously, I looked through all the photos you sent out the link to before, and you really had a stunning wedding! You two are beautiful together!

Raul said...

Hey Kaori!!!

Nice dress ;). Hey Alex nice man to man action there! ;) Congrats to you guys!

Kiri said...

One word- NOICE!!!! (note my Aussie twang, been difficult to maintain it over here. Really great wedding by the looks of it (and from what my secret spies tell me ;) ). Notice you left out the Karaoke pictures - good option :)

Narigas said...

Uau! K, you look fabulous! Congrats!